• Ralph Franklin Will Be Missed!

    It was Ralph’s story that inspired this project. His honesty and courage will always be remembered. Forever positive and faithful, Ralph never once complained and as this video excerpt shows he was always upbeat, grateful and hopeful. With his wife Joyce by his side, Ralph talks about what he called, “a great day.” We are blessed to experience a little bit of that day with him.

  • If You Are My Brothers Trailer

    If You Are My Brothers is a documentary and outreach project that around Ralph C.T. Franklin, a 57-year old real estate attorney and Reginald Hicks, a 51-year old producer. Both live in Atlanta, Georgia.

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  • Documentary chronicles fight against prostate cancer

    The FOX Medical Team covers the story of how a documentary about one man's fight against Prostrate Cancer became the documentary of both the subject and the producer of the documentary fight against the deadly cancer.

    Visit myfoxatlanta.com to

  • Interview with Dr. T Ming Chu

    T. Ming Chu, PhD, DSc, Chair Emeritus of Diagnostic Immunology Research and Professor Emeritus of Urologic Oncology, led the research in the 1970s that resulted in the discovery of PSA and the development of the PSA test. He discusses the future of prostate cancer research with Reggie Hicks, Producer of the prostate cancer documentary, "If You Are My Brothers."

  • Beating The Odds!

    Inspirational stories about survivors of deadly cancers such as breast, colon and prostate cancer presented by Life Notes!

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Welcome To The Prostate Cancer Documentary & Outreach Project

If You Are My Brothers is a documentary and outreach project that follows the 5-year journey of two African-American men with the disease.  Ralph Franklin, the real estate lawyer, with a PSA of 100 and prognosis of death meets a physician who helps prepare him to live and not die. Reggie Hicks, the producer of the documentary, while chronicling Ralph’s story on film is also diagnosed with the disease. Now this one story evolves into two…two stories that are intricately intertwined…two men with their own challenges…two men with a common bond of brotherhood and hope.

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Rest In The Lord My Brother Ralph "CT" Franklin

Ralph "CT" FranklinOn Sunday, October 13, Ralph CT Franklin died from complications due to prostate cancer. He was 62. Six years ago, Ralph was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer. His prognosis at the time was grim…6 months to 2 years. Shortly...

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The Doctor Says "You Have Prostate Cancer"...What's Next?

When the doctor said, “You have prostate cancer.” I was truly numb. Thinking back on that day, it all seemed somewhat surreal. I knew the moment the doctor walked in the room. Not by the expression on his face, but by the information he had in his hand. Here’s a little insider...

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Talking To Men About Prostate Cancer

Recently, I participated in a community outreach event hosted by the Center for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development, (CCRTD). The event was held at a local library in Atlanta’s West End community. About 20 middle aged African American men were in attendance to learn more about prostate cancer. I could tell by...

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